Leather Care

Love Your Leather with Novel Black

Easy Leather Care Tips

We want you and your leather garment to enjoy many great moments together. To make sure your leather stays in top shape, here are some simple care tips:

  • Keep it simple: Say no to washing, bleaching, tumble drying, ironing, and dry cleaning to maintain the integrity of your leather.
  • Leather & rain alert: Shield your garment from direct artificial light sources such as spotlights/neon and prolonged exposure to sunlight. Be mindful of rain as well; leather can lose its colour under these conditions.
  • Wet leather? No stress!—simply hang it up to dry naturally at room temperature. Make sure to empty any pockets to prevent stretching, and keep it away from direct heat sources.
  • Dust it off: A soft, dry cotton cloth is your leather's best friend for a quick clean-up

Storing Your Leather

  1. Choose a cool, dry place for storage, ideally away from sunlight and direct heat. A wide hanger will help maintain the garment's shape without stress.
  2. Steer clear of plastic bags for storage; your leather needs to breathe in a dry environment.
  3. To avoid any lasting creases, it's best not to fold your leather garments for extended periods.
  4. Run into a spot of trouble? Don’t worry. You can either reach out to professional leather cleaners or drop us a line at customercare@novelblack.com