Novel Black Story

Hey there! We're Novel Black, and we are here to bring top-notch leather fashion right to your doorstep. Born and bred in India, we've been in the leather garment industry for over 30 years, crafting garments that go beyond mere clothing, they are pieces of our passion and dedication.

Our Roots

Leather's our thing. Originating as a manufacturing and export firm, we've spent decades perfecting the craft of leather design and manufacturing, pouring every ounce of our expertise into each piece we create. And now, we're bringing that passion straight to you, our fellow Indians. We've heard all the concerns - "Is leather for me?", "Can I pull it off?", "How do I even care for it?" - and we're here to say, "Yes, you absolutely can, and we'll show you how!"

Why Novel Black?

Novel Black isn't just a brand; it's our dream come to life. A dream to showcase leather in all its glory - not just as a shield against the cold but as your partner in style for every occasion. Be it a glam party, a casual Friday night out, or your next big travel adventure, we've got you covered. It’s about making a statement, feeling confident, and showcasing your unique inner style.

Our Collection

Our leather garment collection blends classic looks with contemporary trends. Plus, we're talking about leather that dances in harmony with every piece in your wardrobe. Guys, pair our jackets with your favourite tee or formal wear. Ladies, throw one over your chic dress or those cool ripped jeans. We promise, our leather will be the talk of the town.

Our Promise to You

We cater to everyone – from the hesitant first-time buyer to the seasoned leather enthusiast. Our promises are simple:
Stepping into the leather game for the first time? We've got your back, ensuring your first leather experience is nothing short of amazing. And for the leather aficionados, get ready to be wowed by our timeless designs, impeccable craftsmanship, and wallet-friendly prices. Got a fit issue or a pesky stain? No problem. A quick form fill or a message, and we're on it, making things right.

How Do We Do It?

You might wonder, "How can they be so sure?" Well, it's all about control - quality control, that is. From picking the finest materials to the final stitch, everything happens under our watchful eyes, right here at home. This end-to-end oversight, combined with our 30+ years of design & manufacturing experience, ensures every piece from Novel Black is a masterpiece of quality & style.